Moticam 580 user manual

The new moticam mc1080 has just replaced their popular 580 series camera as an hdmi output solution to the growing demands of life sciences, researchers and educators. Get affordable pricing and unmatched customer support. Moticam 580 has an hdmi output that will allow you to display live images at 1080p resolution coupled with an sd card output which allows you to capture images at 5. Motic moticam 580int hd digital camera with builtin 10. New moticam 1080 multifunctional hd microscope camera 2 mege pixels mac compatible from new york microscope company. This is the most sophisticated imaging software from motic. The 580s try versatility is underlined by its capability to display live images at 1080i resolution through the hdmi output port. The moticam is a line of digital microscopy cameras. Eyepieces adaptors to fit eyepiece ods of 30mm 38mm. For many of us, getting a brand new camera is beyond exciting. Our tablet microscopy solutions moticam btu8, btu10 and btw open a new dimension in interactivity for microscope work that will help teachers, students or any microscope user in possession of traditional microscopy material, by making it easier to visualize images and to share the microscope experience with others around you. The moticam 1080 allows you to turn almost any microscope into an instant multimedia learning platofrm. Find the user manual you need for your camera and more at manualsonline.

The information contained in this manual and future improvements are subject to change without notice. If you have a monitor or projector with hdmi input, the moticam 580 is the best choice for viewing live images without the framerate lag that often occurs with digital cameras when connecting via usb. The moticam 580 and 580int embody motics new generation of hd digital cameras. This moticam 1080 digital and video camera kit can connect to both a computer and a tv or lcd projector. Available in several resolutions, these cameras come with everything you need to begin working, and make documentation as simple as possible. The camera can save high resolution images for further in.

Software download panthera,microscope and microscopy. Review the resolution and features to ensure that this moticam matches your needs and budget. Moticam series, a digital camera for microscope, is a digital microscopy camera that captures the perfect image through the mi devices interface. In order to receive data from the moticam x you will need a wifi capable computer and or the latest version of the motic images plus software. Just connect the camera and start teaching and viewing with no hassle about drivers. National optical dmoticam 580 multi functional digital. Motic employs its all in one box concept, so that everything required for connection to your microscope is included with each purchase. Moticam x x2 quick start guide this camera is a delicate instrument and should be handled with care. The microscope image sharing experience is enhanced with an hdmi output that will allow you to display live images at 1080p resolution, and coupled with an sd card output which allows you to capture images at 5. When not in use, please store the camera in a safe place with the dust cap attached.

Microscope systems limited, microscopes uk moticam 580 microscope camera digital microscope. The moticam 580int is a fullyintegrated documentation station specifically designed to enhance our ba line of professional microscopes. The moticam 580 offers an attachable digital cmount cameras use with optical microscopes. Individual user settings, time setting, language, format the sd card, and restore all settings to default. Capture 5mp images directly onto the sd card and stream the live image through the provided hdmi cable to a high resolution monitor. Brand new motic imaging software will unlock the power of your microscope with tools and functions gathered from clinical, industrial, and educational environments all in one easyto. Segmentation the superior counting module allows to perform manual. Find the best quality microscopes and accessories as well as used and antique equipment. This camera outputs either via hdmi cable to an hd monitor or usb to a computer. If i can convince you to actually use that camera manual, you will start out with much. The first allnew redesign of our wellknown software, the motic images plus 3. The moticam 1080 is dedicated to documentation of microscopic results with a clear focus on maximum colour fidelity and fast live image. Moticam 1080 is located in the moticam 1080 subfolder on the cd.

Designed primarily as an hdmi high speed output camera direct to monitor or pc, it also enables 2 megapixel resolution capture via sd card not included. How to connect your moticam onto the trinocular tube. Moticam 580 hd digital microscope camera microscope central. Downloads please read the provided instructions carefully to maximize the user experience and ensure the full functionality of your mecam product. The new standalone moticam 1080 full hd camera we are proud to announce the launch of the new moticam 1080 full hd multioutput camera, as the improved successor of the wellestablished model moticam 580. Connecting the moticam x to the mac osx introduction. The new multioutput model our moticam 580 is even better. Moticam x wifi demo how to connect moticam x to pc. Manual driver software installation instruction for moticam in windows 7 if you encounter a problem with the mo cam driver so are install on in windows 7, please. We start trying to use it right away, throwing the manual back in the box, forgotten forever. Other features include fast refresh rates, auto manual exposure and white. This camera mounts on any microscope eyepiece stereo or compound and supplies a digital image to your pc or mac usb, a live image to your video monitor hdmi, or a downloadable image to your computer sd card.

Do not let the camera get in contact with water or expose it to extreme. Whether for educational, industrial, or clinical use, the moticams unique allinonebox design assures each user that this camera can fit almost any. Transfer the image to the motic images plus application software and you are free to take measurements, make annotations, reports, comparisons and much more. Motic is a manufacturer of compound microscopes and digital microscopy solutions. Setting up your motic images software including proper white balance, exposure time, capturing an image or video, understanding scale references, placing a grid or. Multiple output hdmi camera use this camera with or without a computer. The full software manual for motic images is accessible within the softwares main page.

Motic moticam 580int hd digital camera with builtin 10 lcd screen 5. After you have connected to the moticam x, open motic images 2. Microscope central sells quality name brand new and refurbished microscopes for all applications. Auto with adjustable brightness and manual exposure. The moticam 580 hd is a multi output hd microscope camera.

Moticeurope is the european headquarter and distribution centre, located in barcelona. First, you get the camera itself, with a professional cmos imaging chip. Camera manuals and free digital camera pdf instructions. This camera does not require a computer for standard operation once it has been setup on a microscope. Moticam btu8 moticam tablet panthera,microscope and. With their all in one box concept, motic seeks to make the product as user friendly as possible. Moticams unique all in one box design assures each user that this. Connect to the eyepiece, a trinocular mount or use the camera on its own or with a gooseneck as a macrocamera. Easily turns your optical microscope capture to digital image to be.

Whether used in an educational, industrial or clinical area, the moticam 580 is the universal solution. As an affordable multitasking microscopy camera, the moticam 580 is in a class of its own. Charles dowdings incredibly productive no dig market garden 14 acre abundance duration. Images can be captured directly onto an sd card at 5. The moticam is more than just a camera for your microscope. Transfer the image to the motic images plus application software and you are free to take measurements, make annotations, reports, comparisons and. Download the motic live imaging module midevices user manual english german. Whether used in an educational, industrial or clinical area, the moticam 580 is the jack of all trades in our new moticam lineup. So, for example, a friend the other side of the world could help identify a live pond critter while its under the microscope. After youve opened the motic live imaging module, the drop down box under video device should say moticam x.

Moticam 1080 multifunctional hd microscope camera 2. The new moticam mc1080 has just replaced their popular 580 series camera as an. Mobile devices aplications free app moticonnect and moticonnect pro. The hd output method provides high resolution 1080i resolution and captures 5. Manual driver software installation instruction for.

Perfect for interactive white boards, the moticam 1 is an unbeatable camera at a great price. The moticam 1 is the least expensive model in the series with a live resolution of 800 x 600 pixels, it is well suited for capturing stills or viewing live images on a standardsize computer monitor whether for educational, industrial, or clinical use, the moticams unique all in one box design assures each user that this camera can fit. How to connect moticam to the eyepiece tube eyepiece tube. Troubleshooting wall mounting with screws power supply network connection led status connecting via network cable wifi connection setting. Ideal for use not only in colleges and universities but also in clinics and veterinary centers. Moticam 580 microscope camera digital microscope camera. Digital cameras for light microscopes, moticam cmos cameras. These solutions contain everything necessary to get started, including free powerful application software. Dmoticam 1080 multifunctional hd microscope camera motic. Housed in a cmount case with removable ir cutoff filter, the package also comes with a focusable glass lens, matched to the size. Huw richards grow food organically recommended for you. The moticam x is a wifi camera, the usb port does not transmit any data and is used only to power the unit. Allows owners of the same moticam camera software to share captured video or images in real time over the internet via microsoft net meeting.

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