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Y the powerbuilt 38 drive digital torque socket adapter converts any standard 38 inch drive ratchet into an accurate digital torque wrench. Before operating the torque wrench, please read this manual. Read the peak torque value sho wn on the digital torque adapter. Simply set the desired torque value, plug in a ratchet and socket and tighten the fastener until the digital display and audible tone indicate youve reached your target torque. Use a soft, dry, clean cloth to clean the digital torque adapter and lcd panel. Includes calibration cube for calibrating torque wrenches using a bench vise. A free and open source software to merge, split, rotate and extract pages from pdf files. And anyone who owns a torque wrench can use the torque adapter to calibrate their wrench right in their in the garage or shop. But now, thanks to the new powerbuilt digital torque adapter from alltrade tools, anyone with a. Peak mode displays highest torque value after load is released.

Alltrade 940759 powerbuilt digital torque adaptor for 12. This torque adapter has a peak mode to show final torque results after youve removed the wrench so you can confirm the correct spec. Never clean the digital torque adapter with soap or solvents. Our pdf merger allows you to quickly combine multiple pdf files into one single pdf document, in just a few clicks. Model, torque range, inlet drive, torque wrench max. Never submerge the digital torque adapter in water or any other liquid. Use to turn any 12 drive ratchet wrench into a torque wrench, or use to check the calibration if your existing torque. Use the digital torque adapter only for its intended use as described in this manual. The powerbuilt 12 drive digital torque socket adapter converts any standard 12 inch drive ratchet into an accurate digital torque wrench. Ratchet wrench torque adapter has a digital readout to prevent overtorquing.

Adjust your torque wrench and repeat the procedure until the. The powerbuilt digital torque adapter converts a standard ratchet to a torque wrench, and can be used to calibrate any type of torque wrench. Powerbuilt 940962 12 drive digital torque adapter, 29 to. Track mode displays torque value as pressure is applied, prevents overtorquing. Amazing deals on this 12in drive digital torque adapter at harbor freight. Converts any 12 drive ratchet into a digital torque wrench.

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